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Beacons and Out-of-School Time

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Beacons and Out-of-School Time

Located in public school buildings, Beacons are community centers that offer a range of activities and services to participants of all ages, before and after school, in the evenings, and on weekends. Initiated in 1991 by the City of New York in collaboration with YDI, Beacons now exist in six cities—Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and West Palm Beach.

Each Beacon is developed locally and operated by community organizations that work with neighborhood residents to create programs that meet local needs and reflect local strengths. YDI provides technical assistance to community organizations, municipal governments, and works with funders and others to develop local Beacon networks. YDI also assists non-Beacon, out-of-school-time providers through training, program planning, and other supports.