The Youth Development Institute (YDI) provides capacity-building assistance to youth-serving organizations across the non-profit sector. We work with community-based and multi-service organizations, cultural institutions, intermediaries and government agencies to help them deliver high-quality programming for young people and enhance the systems that help youth transition successfully into adulthood.

Our mission is to advance the positive development of young people by promoting the principles and practices that enable them to thrive. YDI has led the field in promoting Positive Youth Development in New York City for more than 25 years, developing innovative program models and supporting organizations to offer young people opportunities to grow and thrive.

We Offer customized technical assistance, including group training sessions, supervisory coaching, program planning, facilitated learning communities and consultation services.  

Interested in learning more about YDI or requesting service? Contact us at: (917) 993-7174 or complete our Online Intake Form