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CREATING YOUR WOW!: Middle School Engagement and Retention

This is a two day training, taking place on Tuesday, June 2nd and Tuesday, June 9th. Participants MUST attend both days of training.

This training is designed to help providers overcome barriers to youth participation and cultivate a culture of engagement that leads to meaningful and sustained participation of youth. Specifically, the series includes a deep dive into recruitment and retention strategies, assessment of current efforts, and exploration of ways in which programs can elevate their practice. Practitioners can expect to learn important theory while remaining grounded in practical considerations.

If we can spend time thinking about how we bring young people into our programs and what we do to get them to feel excited and committed to participating in activities early on, we will solve the recruitment and retention dilemma. This workshop will introduce tools and practices for cultivating youth engagement in programs. Practitioners will examine and consider the significance of both the recruitment cycle and the WIFM factor and the role each play in youth’s decision making around whether or not they will show up to our programs.

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