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Restorative Practices: Exploring a New World and New Way

This training is open only to grantees of the Pinkerton Foundation.

The training will be an introduction and exploration of restorative practices. Through reflection and practice, starting with our understanding of what is discipline, participants will become familiar with the underlying principles, values and skills needed to implement effective restorative approaches. We’ll examine a range of tools and models, starting with the  building of relationships and a community of caring to interventions that deal with  the most challenging behavior. 

Participants will experience the Circle format and gain a deeper understanding of social and emotional learning competencies that are fundamental to restorative practice; learn and explore different types of Restorative Circles; experience hands on skill building activities in listening, understanding conflict, and dealing with anger and strong emotions. Through case studies,  problem solve and explore the range of responses and restorative interventions that are best suited for the particular situation.

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