Jan 20

Advancing Youth Development

  • Fund for the City of New York

**PLEASE NOTE: This is a TWO-DAY Training from 9am-4pm each day.**

Thursday, January 19th and Friday, January 20th, 2016, 9am – 4pm

Participants MUST attend both days of training.

This training is ideal for youth work professionals interested in learning more about the youth development approach to working with young people. Participants will learn about the core concepts of youth development as well as the principles and practices that can be applied to their everyday work with youth.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand and articulate the history of the youth development field and its relevance to youth work practice today.
  • Describe and understand key concepts of the youth development framework, including the factors that foster resiliency in youth and the universal youth needs.
  • Identify the stages of adolescent development, its impact on behavior, and how to work with adolescents from a youth development perspective.
  • Identify the core competencies of effective youth work professionals; describe the attributes and talents they can offer youth, as well as the strategies for gaining new knowledge and skills.
  • Begin an implementation plan workbook, including reflections and ideas by which to apply knowledge and strategies learned in the training.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. This training is limited to 30 participants, and is first come first served. For more information e-mail events@ydinstitute.org


9:30 am09:30

CREATING YOUR WOW!: Middle School Engagement and Retention

This is a two day training, taking place on Tuesday, June 2nd and Tuesday, June 9th. Participants MUST attend both days of training.

This training is designed to help providers overcome barriers to youth participation and cultivate a culture of engagement that leads to meaningful and sustained participation of youth. Specifically, the series includes a deep dive into recruitment and retention strategies, assessment of current efforts, and exploration of ways in which programs can elevate their practice. Practitioners can expect to learn important theory while remaining grounded in practical considerations.

If we can spend time thinking about how we bring young people into our programs and what we do to get them to feel excited and committed to participating in activities early on, we will solve the recruitment and retention dilemma. This workshop will introduce tools and practices for cultivating youth engagement in programs. Practitioners will examine and consider the significance of both the recruitment cycle and the WIFM factor and the role each play in youth’s decision making around whether or not they will show up to our programs.

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9:30 am09:30

Strengthening Engagement and Participation in Older Youth Programs

This training is open only to staff of DYCD COMPASS programs.

How can we better understand the values, behaviors and perceptions of older youth that impact if and how they show up for programs? What are the practices that can help move them from dependence to independence? This two-day training is designed to assist practitioners in examining these key questions and exploring the youth development approach to working with older youth. Participants will drill down on the factors that impact engagement and retention, learn strategies and problem solve around how to create meaningful experiences that foster intrinsic motivation and authentic participation.

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9:00 am09:00

Restorative Practices: Exploring a New World and New Way

This training is open only to grantees of the Pinkerton Foundation.

The training will be an introduction and exploration of restorative practices. Through reflection and practice, starting with our understanding of what is discipline, participants will become familiar with the underlying principles, values and skills needed to implement effective restorative approaches. We’ll examine a range of tools and models, starting with the  building of relationships and a community of caring to interventions that deal with  the most challenging behavior. 

Participants will experience the Circle format and gain a deeper understanding of social and emotional learning competencies that are fundamental to restorative practice; learn and explore different types of Restorative Circles; experience hands on skill building activities in listening, understanding conflict, and dealing with anger and strong emotions. Through case studies,  problem solve and explore the range of responses and restorative interventions that are best suited for the particular situation.

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9:00 am09:00

Mayor's Youth Leadership Council: Youth Summit

This event is open only to youth and staff of New York City youth councils.

The Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) is a group of young people looking to make a difference in our City. In June of this year, we will present a Policy “enhancement” recommendation to the Mayor. This recommendation is designed to help young people like ourselves solve a challenge that affects youth throughout the five boroughs. In order to hear from as many young people as possible, we are hosting a Summit for youth leaders to share ideas and discuss solutions.

Please join us and share your voice through a host of interactive workshops, community building activities, and presentations from community leaders.

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10:00 am10:00

Think, Know, Act, Go! Building Aspirations and Promoting Post-Secondary Success with Older Youth

This is a two day training taking place on Tuesday, May 10 and Wednesday, May 11. Participants must attend both days of training.

This training is open only to staff of the NYC Department of Education's Office of Post Secondary Readiness (OSPR).

This two-day training is designed to assist staff in exploring the opportunities for strengthening staff and program practices around promoting post- secondary readiness with older youth. Participants will explore how they can provide career guidance and promote older youth’s readiness for post secondary challenges. They will consider how they can unlock young people’s aspirations while expanding their awareness of post-secondary options and career opportunities. The sessions are designed to provide practitioners with tools and resources they can use in their day to practice with older youth.

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