YDI Releases New Report on Career Internship Network

YDI is pleased to announce the release of our new publication, The Youth Development Institute’s Career Internship Network: Building and Sustaining Quality in Youth Internship Programs through an Enduring Community of Practice. This report documents the history, implementation and outcomes associated with CIN, our long-running Career Internship Network for high school career internship providers. 

The report highlights the crucial role that positive youth development plays as the foundation of a high-quality career internship program, and speaks to how critical an enduring learning community plays in promoting strong practice, sustainable programs and the professional development of youth practitioners. CIN helps members deepen and broaden their youth practice beyond basic professional development:

“CIN was incredibly value. It shaped me as an educator and shaped my programming”

“CIN enabled us to build program quality to the extent that we were able to make the case that the [career internship] programs were core to the mission of the organization and should be retained”

Read the entire report here.

YDI thanks the Pinkerton Foundation and The Altman Foundation for their on-going support of CIN.