Youth Council Member Featured at UN Women Event

UN Women hosted their annual International Youth Day Celebration on August 12th and invited members of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council, a YDI initiative that seeks to involve young people as valued and active participants in policy issues that affect their peers and their own communities. The MYLC was invited to attend and speak with audience members about the importance of investing in young women’s leadership. Christa Hill, an MYLC member and rising college freshman, was nominated by YDI and the Department of Youth and Community Development to give a speech about her experiences as a young woman and the importance of engaging young women in leadership opportunities. She has been a passionate advocate for student, gender and socioeconomic equity this year as a member of the MYLC. 

Congratulations to Christa and the MYLC for representing the voice of youth across New York City!

I want to ask that young ladies and women be given a variety of opportunities to show what we are capable of…Sometimes with limited opportunities society makes us believe we are not as capable or worse – that we are here to follow. Today I am here to challenge that notion and to say that young women deserve equal opportunities to show that we are truly capable.
— Christa Hill