Citywide Youth Summit a Success!

Last fall, YDI partnered with the Child Center of NY to lead the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council (MYLC), an initiative that seeks to involve young people as valued and active participants in policy issues that affect their peers and their own communities. YDI provides training and coaching for the participating young adults, as well as the adult staff who manage ten Regional Youth Councils across the initiative.

Youth in the MYLC had an exciting year focused on understanding and exercising their leadership. They organized town-hall style activities and met with experienced philanthropy providers in and outside of New York City to gain a more robust understanding of the issues and systems affecting their experiences as youth. Their work culminated in the first Citywide Youth Summit on Saturday, May 14th, which brought together over 150 youth leaders from leadership councils across the City. Youth leaders presented on the work their councils have done in their communities and discussed solutions for the issues they face. Through this, the MYLC youth developed policy recommendations which they presented to the Mayor's Office.

YDI's work with the MYLC this year has helped bring to life the tools we share with our partners in the training room every day. From monthly Saturday sessions where adult Regional Council leaders observe authentic youth leadership, to working as a collaborator with the MYLC to design and implement a Citywide Youth Summit, we continue to learn new strategies and tools that we are excited to integrate into our training, consulting, and network building.